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Good afternoon everyone :) I am a fellow Clojurian from London; I will be moving down under in few months time and I am weighing my career options (fully remote role from abroad, remote local or hybrid), along with some research on the job market and salaries. I looked on LinkedIn, indeed and glassdoor but found pretty much nothing Clojure related. Could you advice on the best tools to get a better insight on the Clojure market and salaries down under? Any help would be really appreciated ☺️

Oliver George23:05:43

@UB2GLDEN8 you might have some recent insights to offer πŸ™‚

Hugh Powell23:05:48

Hey @U3D7T0REF, sorry for the late reply, I've just got back from a month long visit to the UK. I'm in Tassie and so all my experience is east coast based, but it seems Clojure jobs come and go in waves. Sometimes there are none and then there's several all at once. Most companies seem to be happy for their engineers to be remote so there should be options. I put up a CV on and would get three recruiter calls every time a new Clojure job came up. If there's anything more specific you need to know feel free to give me a shout.


Hi @UB2GLDEN8, no worries for the delay, hope you had a nice stay in uk ☺️ thanks for the advice and the info, that's very helpful and exactly what I was after. I'll have a look at and when I'll be closer to the move I might write again in this channel. thank you very much for your help!

Hugh Powell22:05:56

Cool. Good luck with the move πŸ™‚

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Hola! Welcome to the (mostly) sunny side


Which city are you moving to?


There (was) a clj-melb group till pandemic hit


The jobs are around, just hard to find


And I don't know if there's many tools for doing so