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I'm grateful to all Clojurians that keep calm and drama away and continue building stuff. Thank you all!

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@emccue, regarding your question, once in a while there is NOISE in the community that hampers our judgment. Today for instance, there is a twitter thread where people discuss why companies move away from Clojure. IMHO, all this is just noise. I am really grateful for people that keep pushing and contributing to Clojure.

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Martin Půda19:05:05

@U014V99QYA1 Do you have a link to that Twitter thread?


I guess Storm moved away from Clojure to Java.


As Nassim Taleb would say "Nitpicking is the unmistakable mark of cluelessness.". :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


Not sure who is clueless in this scenario but it definitely isn't borkdude. Lately he is hands down the most prolific and helpful contributor in the broader Clojure community. If you scroll up in this channel you'll see many people expressing their gratitude toward him because he is someone that has been consistently “pushing and contributing to Clojure” for a good while now. I personally see his tweet as useful introspection, not invitation to a flame war or some other kind of drama.


Of course, borkdude is AWESOME!!!


It was a general comment regarding these type of discussions that, imho, create lots of noise.


BTW, I am so grateful to @U04V15CAJ for Babashka! We used it for AWS Lambda in a project and these days we are migrating a bash script to babashka.


I asked myself this question after #circleci was the nth company who I saw growing up in Clojure but now leaving for $mainstreamlang. I am genuinely interested in why this happens.


But it's your right to call this noise. 🤷


Two doctors can give different diagnoses to the same patient. The variability of judgment is due to noise and bias. Who knows the real reasons behind the decision made by CircleCI or Zalando. The Clojure ecosystem is much better now than before, and I highly suspect that moving away from Clojure is due to reasons beyond technical ones, and most probably each reason will be very different. I have skin/soul in the game in Clojure and I sometimes wish we were more positive about what we are achieving with Clojure(script), because it’s an amazing piece of tech! BTW, your contributions are truly amazing. Thank you!

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