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FYI: If anyone was using an XServer with WSL2 and had issues with disconnects on sleep and all that, latest version of X410 XServer you can check to use VSock instead and it solves all those issues, at least for me. Not sure if other xservers have a Vsock option as well, I'd look for one if so.


Why still use that if you have wslg?


I updated to W11 and tried wslg, felt wonky compared to X410 for me.


Was the main reason I updated to W11 too, so I tried to like it.


Haha, I'm holding out, cause I'm not sure I like what I see of Win11 yet, and wslg was the only thing I was maybe going to do it for, but now that X410 has Vsock, it has solved all my problems.


I've been running Win11 since June last year (June 28th).


I'm waiting for them to add back the "combine when full" taskbar feature personally, and I feel there's some other things in the UX that they got rid of I might be annoyed at. So giving it some time for them to add things back


I'm not sure how much from the dev channel preview has made its way to base win11, but at this point I really wish they would just stop messing with explorer and task manager


Like the way Task Manager's colors now follow the highlights from your desktop theme? I love that! Especially if you have a slideshow that changes your theme periodically such as Windows Spotlight 🙂 I love that it breaks up the monotony of the UI and doesn't affect functionality so my dev env constantly gets a new lick of paint! But I can imagine this driving some folks insane...


May just be issues with the pro x, but I have perceptible latency interacting with any of the UI elements in task manager now. But also a lot of these changes have come with weeks long known issues that just happen to affect shortcuts I use, e.g. for a while right-clicking the start button and launching task manager would crash explorer, which I suppose was an improvement from the period of time when simply right-clicking on the start button would crash explorer.


I'm mostly still bitter about not being able to move my taskbar to the right side of my desktop


I was just reading an article about how Microsoft just can't please everyone but it keeps trying -- and opening itself up to criticism simply by publicly encouraging feedback from users 🙂


I find myself gravitating to Windows these days -- after being an Apple customer for three decades -- because it "just works", supports the development workflow I need (Linux for dev, nice desktop/UI for apps and editors etc), and it's "pleasant" without me having to tweak it all over the place. Linux on the desktop fails for that (for me) and macOS has increasingly felt like a straitjacket -- and Apple hardware just isn't as reliable as it used to be.


My switch from iPhone (after many iPhones) to Android was almost entirely driven by my desire to customize my experience -- and, perhaps ironically, I've settled on the Microsoft Launcher, with Edge, Outlook, To-Do, etc as my default apps on my OnePlus 7T Pro McClaren...


I think it's because you come from Mac that you're pleased with windows right now, because my issue is specifically to that you can just tell they are trying to tailor the experience to be more Mac like, as well as more android like at the same time. Seems they're going for a weird MacOS fusion with Android mix.


I just want Windows XP with a modern theme and improved performance/hardware features.


But they keep trying to take that away, add touch, make the UX into the Xbox dashboard, now make it like MacOS, now add Android notifications and apps, etc.


If it wasn't for WSL2 and their gaming support, and that laptop drivers are always bad for Linux, I'd be running Linux.


As it stands now, I have to tweak so many things even in Win10 to make it back to how it was, and on MacOS I also have to tweak a bunch of things so it doesn't annoy me.


Only Linux, especially KDE, I just love how it is as-is for the most part.


One of my big frustrations with Apple is their lack of support for touchscreens. They arrogantly think touchscreens are only useful on consumer devices, not actual computers. I've had a touchscreen developer laptop for TEN YEARS at this point -- by switching to Windows-- but there's still no such option for Apple laptops or desktops.


I do like Edge though, was kind of surprised by it. It's very responsive, love the vertical tabs, the math feature, showing you the price history on things, auto-filling coupons, and I especially find the flow for scrolling, zooming, in combination with a track pad is perfect. I wish more desktop apps took that route.


Yup, I've been using Edge on Windows and Mac (and iPhone and now Android) for ages.


Ya, do you use it though? I have one where the screen is a touchscreen, but all it ever does is I accidentally clivk something when trying to get a dirt off of it


I use touch so much that when I am working on my Mac, I'm constantly trying to touch the screen and then muttering under my breath because it doesn't work.


When I'm actually developing I just use the keyboard, but any other time I would prefer to use touch instead of the mouse (or trackpad).


Do you have like one of those flip ones? For me it just hurt my hand to like point up because I have it it's just a normal laptop


My new developer desktop (coming in about four weeks) is a 27" touchscreen (Dell) to replace my Mac.


I had a flip-screen Dell XPS 12 2-in-1 for many years and loved it. My current laptop is a Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop and I do occasionally miss the flip-to-tablet mode but I definitely like the S3 laptop


Ok, ya I see. In those forms factors I think I'd use the touch a lot


If money was no object, I'd probably buy a fully-loaded Surface Laptop Studio at this point but it's nearly $3k. Mine only cost $1,500 and even that raised eyebrows with the financial controller of the house since it was just for "play" 🙂

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