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Fulceo RAD’s Datomic adapter, version 1.2.0-RC1 now available. This version adds support for pathom3 resolver generation thanks to @danie. It does not have a hard dependency on Pathom 3, so it should have no negative consequence for current pathom2 users, but I’m calling it an RC just to note that there was a significant addition that should be tested somewhat when upgrading.

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Fulcro RAD also had a release today of version 1.1.11. (I also accidentally released it under 1.2.0-RC1 by mistake when trying to do the above). This version adds a few small improvements: • A little better timestamp formatting (and tolerance of nils there) • Fixed a bug in the large object upload handler • Dropped a require that was forcing an unneeded dependency • Added a before-load hook to reports


Fulcro itself saw a small release today of version 3.5.20: • Cleaned up dependency tree slightly • Fixed a bug in raw component generation that made it impossible to use union queries with them • Improved one of the demo cards around the use of react refs


Datalevin 0.6.9 is out, with some bug fixes. Also added a set of utility functions to customize the search engine. Thanks to contributors @brownjoshua490 and @nils.grunwald

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