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I saw this pop-up on Reddit yesterday. I've got zero connection with the project, but I thought it would be nice to share the announcement with the wider community:

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This is amazing, can't wait for this kind of tooling to support cljs 😍


This is amazing, indeed! Thanks for sharing!


Babashka 0.8.2 • Convey *print-length* to pprint and allow set!babashka.nrepl: support pprint length • SCI: support invoking field, without dash • Add compatibility with clojure numeric tower • Update deps.clj to tools jar • Compatibility with fipp and puget • Fix don't print error to stdout in prepl • Update process with :pre-start-fn option • Update fs with cwd and Windows glob improvements • Expose edamame Clojure reader, fixes and (#1259) • Support BABASBHKA_PODS_DIR environment variable Babashka 0.8.1 was released earlier in the last month. As it is a good etiquette in this channel to not announce the same library more than once a month, you can view intermediate announcements in #releases or in #babashka

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