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Chris Lavigne07:05:13

Hi Everyone, I m working for a french company which is hiring a clojure developper who will work remotly from France (wherever the candidate want in France)

Chris Lavigne07:05:28

Here is the details of the announcement

Chris Lavigne07:05:17

The company : It aims to revolutionize online advertising. It not only engages the user with an interactive format but also allows advertisers to evaluate their products and even gain consumer insights through fun and non-intrusive privacy questionnaires. They are 40 and have already raised several million. You will be part of a team of 6 developers. Your missions: * Develop new projects from scratch * Implement machine learning models to optimize the ad serving model * Overhaul the existing stack to perpetuate the architecture around the data * Take care of the application maintenance * Create new features * Do unit testing and integration testing Stack : Clojure, ReScript, AWS, GCP, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, BigQuerry, Github, git, elasticsearch... The + of the box: * Back office position, eventually lead the Data team * Attractive salary (40/70K according to profile) * BSPCE * Hardware: Mac last generation and Bose headset * Full remote

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Chris Lavigne07:05:45

Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you need more details. Thanks by advance