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Hello friends, I'm Josh. I have studied chapter 3-5 of Clojure for the Brave and True multiple times and am now wanting to start building while I learn. I am excited to be here and so glad that there is a community that is here and willing to help. I look forward to creating and building with everyone.

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Welcome aboard, @joshuawilliams7800. I for one will be curious how you, @sofiya, @mrswendyrandolph, and @matt.fitzgerald fare with getting your dev environments set up. The community has started discussing making that process easier, and you all can be valuable "use cases". I was going to say guinea pigs, but.... see you in the #beginners channel!


Thanks! Do you think the #beginners channel is the best place to post about our set up?


Until you are far enough along to be confident you have a tool-specific issue limited eg to #re-frame, #beginners would be the place to go. I also ask on #beginners after ten years if I am stuck on sth that seems simple in some Clojure niche in which I am dabbling for the first time, such as deftype/defprotocol recently.

Bart Kleijngeld12:05:56

Hello everyone, I've been strolling around for some time but never properly introduced myself. I'm Bart, I've been (mainly) a Python programmer for some years, but I've been reading about and dabbling with lots of other languages on the side. My new job allows me to use Functional Programming, which has got me really excited. Recently I learned about Clojure, and man, do I love it! It's so clean, uniform and elegant. And the dynamic nature is a breeze, it's such a shame static typing people don't recognize that dynamic languages are not less mature or anything. Anyways, I'm learning Clojure on the side by playing around and reading Elements of Clojure. Very good read for those who like to step into something rather philosophical and non-tutorial-esque. Thanks for this wonderful community!

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