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Jan K19:04:40

@robbie.huffman I tried to use babashka's nrepl with vim-fireplace and it doesn't work for me either. I am getting the same issue as you when I'm connecting from a file that doesn't have a shebang at the start (`#!/usr/bin/env bb`). But for some reason if I add the shebang to the file, then I can actually :Connect to babashka's nrepl and evaluate things, except reloading the whole file/namespace (cpr/cpR) doesn't work, only evaluating forms one-by-one works. :thinking_face:


Thanks. Glad I'm not crazy.


I can confirm the shebang partially fixes it. I added that info to the ticket. Is there any chance you're using neovim?

Jan K21:04:22

I'm using regular Vim 8.2

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