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is there a way to bind commands to the alt key on macos (not the meta key, but in my attempts it looks like emacs threats alt and meta as the same key, is there a way for them to behave as different keys for binding?)


I think that by default Option is not setup as the Meta key. I always had to configure that manually. There are a few options to set this up as you want it:


And then you should be able to add bindings with the Alt modifier like A-x


I use emacs with exwm as window manager. In all my adventures with emacs meta is just a synonym for alt. ymmv


I’m trying out and so far so good. It’s a good balance between vanilla emacs and an “emacs distribution”


radian is very opinionated


don't get me wrong, I like most of it, but some packages depart a bit from more popular/arguably-better alternatives


imho ultimately you would want to build something you have full control over: use-package + straight.el + whatever packages you like. That gets you very far without involving too many complicated bits. That can be a single init.el file.


This is exactly what I have with radian. The author of radian is also the author of straight.el. From the radian readme > If you are a fan of my Emacs packages (such as straight.el, el-patch, Selectrum, CTRLF, prescient.el, Apheleia, Blackout) then you will find all of them configured here. Sure, you'll be much happier with radian if you're already using these packages, but if you're new to emacs I'm unsure how much this matters. With spacemacs and doom you're much more locked into their way of doing things than with radian IMHO


yes I know, I have mixed feelings about selectrum/ctrlf & co tho


but that's what's great when you build your own, you can pick & choose 🙂


I keep using prescient because I really like how it sorts by frequency and recency by default. Do you guys know if there is a way to replicate that behavior with the vertico stack?


vertico can work with the default savehist


it's nearly the same (minus frequency), but I can't tell the difference after having used both


my problem with selectrum is that it somewhat reinvents a completion ui instead of re-using most built-ins'. So you end up having to teach other modes about it one way or the other instead of just relying on the fact these modes most often are just completing-read* compliant. That makes for some hairy configs in some cases. Vertico is less intrusive imho.


but again, that's great we have so many choices. I know many happy ivy / helm users too 🙂


Definitely! I tried using vertico, but I really missed sorting by frequency. In fact IIRC selectrum was created partly because prescient sorting wasn’t possible or was too hard to build with the built-ins for completion or something like that.


it should be possible in theory, ordering is separate from completion ui, see for instance orderless


> my problem with selectrum is that it somewhat reinvents a completion ui instead of re-using most built-ins'. Perhaps I've misunderstood, but this is what consult is for. From > Useful commands based on completing-read are provided by consult. Consult is designed as the counsel equivalent for Selectrum and Icomplete or more generally any completion system based on completing-read.


@U0P7ZBZCK selectrum / vertico provide ui. Consult provides selections and can work with either


very good point about full control. I'd use straight.el if I were to rebuild my setup, but git submodules haven't failed me over 10y. it gives me a special kind of happiness to not have my software randomly broken 😇


straight brings a bit more than submodules, the fact it can use melpa (& others) metadata is really great


also pinning (just like submodules kinda/sorta)


(I used to use submodules)


it's super easy to update/revert/pin


Hi, does somebody have a lispy (optionally + lispyville) + evil configuration and likes to share? I'm interested in lispy setups with evil. Specifically I'm on the hunt for a superb multicursor setup that works with lispy.