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[Hiring][Germany] Software Engineer (Clojure) at Reify Health (Job Market) About Us Reify Health is paving the way to faster, predictable, and more accessible clinical trials. Through its business entities, StudyTeam and Care Access, the company provides best-in-class trial optimization software and transformative clinical trial infrastructure that delivers research directly to more healthcare providers, communities, and patients wherever they are. Through partnerships with top biopharma companies, thousands of research clinics worldwide, and leading healthcare & community organizations, Reify Health is helping bring new medicines to patients faster, one trial at a time. What your job can look like: • Delivering software that solves complex, real-world problems in healthcare • Writing Clojure code that's well-tested and maintainable • Enjoying the freedom to bring your strengths to the table, and being ready to leave your mark on different parts of the application, which may sometimes include the frontend codebase • Participating in 2-week agile sprints, within a 6-person squad • Supporting your teammates and being supported, in a scaleup environment where collaboration, respect, humility, and empathy are highly valued • Pair programming, testing, and reviewing code • By the way, is our tech stack. What we value you for: • Your solid experience in functional programming, with Clojure, Scala, Haskell, or the like • 3+ years of software product development, in an agile environment • Being comfortable with infrastructure essentials such as AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL, and CI/CD tools • Embracing diversity in all its forms and valuing collaboration • Knowing how to communicate clearly in a remote setting • Strong opinions, loosely held. Feel free to join discussions, to be wrong, to try. • Having common values to ours: we like to build things that are useful and unique, we operate with integrity, we respect the people in our lives, we put the team first and assume good intentions, we show up every day and put soul into what we do. • Your fluent or near-fluent level of English • Extras such as previous SaaS experience, or experience in the healthcare domain What we carefully prepared for you: • Being able to say 'I'm changing the world' when new people ask you about your job • A competitive salary - everyone says this, but we mean it • Flexible, asynchronous, and 100% remote way of working • Involvement in company-wide initiatives and discussions on current issues (e.g. Black History Month, Women's International Day) • Room to grow in your career, alongside inspiring leaders and your own development plan • A culture like no other, with trust at its core.

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Office-based, remote in-country, remote-eu or remote-global?