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Popping in to say "Thanks for the LMDB option in Biff and the doc update!" and to ask whether it would be sane/reasonable to use Biff for a project where the storage is a plain old RBDMS (e.g., MySQL) rather than XTDB?

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Context: we have one last legacy app at World Singles to replace -- it's pretty small and it's purely SSR right now and does not warrant a full SPA. I was originally thinking re-frame/cljs but since an SPA would be overkill, HTMX is quite appealing (and thus obviating the need for cljs), which kind of drew me to Biff, but we don't have the option of XTDB for this.


Also: does Biff use/have any equivalent to component/integrant for managing stop/start lifecycle for resource-based entities?

Jacob O'Bryant19:04:23

you're welcome! yes to both questions, I'll give more details when I'm back at my desk


I am also rather curious to hear about how Biff might integrate with a SQL backend 🙂 I have zero actual experience with this, but I thought the malli->HoneySQL idea here looks pretty cool:


@U899JBRPF Gungnir doesn't work with HoneySQL 2.x as far as I know (there's a HoneySQL issue open to discuss it but Gungnir hooked into 1.x at such a fundamental, low level that it's almost impossible to replicate in 2.x)

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@U7YNGKDHA Interesting. We have a pretty complex set of Component dependencies at this point and rely on it pretty heavily -- and I try to avoid c.t.n.r/refresh at all costs 🙂 It may not be worth the effort for me to retrofit a local Biff install to use next.jdbc, MySQL, and Component -- and I don't like Hiccup for HTML "in the large" so we use Selmer and our UI/UX guy has a pretty good handle on Selmer templates and inheritance at this point.


I'll read over the Biff source in more detail -- as you say, it's not very big -- but I suspect at this point I'd be swimming too much against the tide, trying to use Biff for our final legacy project rewrite...

Jacob O'Bryant01:04:34

yeah, it does sound like any benefits from biff at that point may be marginal