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For a lack of the real users to come in here and complain, I recently found two cases of developing a script (one with bb and one with nbb) where navigation worked but there was no linting. This is from a comment I posted on Youtube: > We installed the (clj-kondo) extension because linting didn't work out of the box in Calva. We could not find the issue but the clj-kondo extension worked. I recently noticed a similar issue with someone who used neovim and edited a babashka script: no linting with clojure-lsp unless you add the project sources explicitly in .lsp/config.edn. Don't know if other people noticed some issue like this, but if so, I think that should get improved. Having to edit a config file when your project is essentially just one file (a script) is a bit sub-optimal.


That's probably a issue fixed on yesterdays release, where we were not linting invalid source-paths


@U7ERLH6JX Maybe you could try this again?


From the change log: > Fix local files outside source-paths not being linted even if opened/changed. > LMK if that is still a issue

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Ah, that was probably it then, curious to hear from @U7ERLH6JX

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ahh yes, i did notice the random scripts at work being linted yesterday and tried again now with the scripts in the bb repo and works! thanks a ton @UKFSJSM38 😄