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Hi, Can somebody help or point me to a clear resource on how to (1) set up a reagent project in cursive and (2) git clone a reagent project and have it working on Cursive. My main issue is: after I successfully set up a reagent project via the command line (or git clone), when I open on Cursive, the reagent package is not recognized and in the case of the cloning even the .core file is not recognized (see pic below). Thanks


@U01BDCAV7NZ dvingo’s answer in the main channel is for you. Either you move the deps into deps.edn, or you get Shadow to generate a pom as described in the Shadow doc.


And below after git cloning


things to check: • set an SDK (JDK) project settings -> project -> SDK • deps aliases are active (View -> Tool Windows -> Clojure Deps -> enable the appropriate checkbox) and click refresh ohh now I see you don't have a deps.edn file or project.clj or pom.xml -> cursive doesn't know how to deal with just a shadow project


shadow can generate a pom for you, but you may have a better time using deps.edn file (just move all the deps in the shadow-cljs.edn file to deps.edn and add :deps true to shadow)