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Psst! A new feature release just landed that can be checked out by the most curious reveal users 🙂 Free: 1.3.247 , Pro: 1.3.287 I'll announce it later when I finish writing up the docs, but here is what's new: • deprecate vlaaad.reveal.ext ns — now vlaaad.reveal is a main api ns that has everything that is a public api; • windows remember their positions; • a new kind of window mode - sticker - is shown "always on top" of other windows. Main idea here is to have your IDE full screen (as opposed to current recommended approach of splitting the screen between IDE and Reveal) with small stickers covering parts of IDE; • more commands like minimizing/restoring the size of windows — useful for "reveal sticker" workflow when you need to temporary hide all stickers • F11 to maximize reveal window • inspect fn to open a new sticker window for value inspection + #reveal/inspect data reader that does the same with less typing • tap-log fn to open new sticker window that shows all taps — useful for workflows where you only want reveal as a tap target • shift+enter in action popup to open result in an inspector sticker window

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always on top sounds awesome, can't wait to try it out