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@ericdallo Am i right in thinking there is no integration between and yasnippets (in that they use different, mostly metadata, format)? I have 15 yasnippets I use regularly on top of the existing clojure-mode snippets. Just trying to assess if I should convert them all to the clojure-lsp snippet format. It doesn't seem a big piece of work as the snippet part seems the same, just wrapped in a string. The metadata format/keys are a bit different, but not much. Do the additional snippets all need to be in the clojure-lsp configuration file? Or is there a way to define snippets in a separate file and include that file from the clojure-lsp config? Thanks.


the snippets feature handling on emacs client side is implemented using yasnippets, so they are similar, but yet not related from server side eyes. You can define additional snippets only via clojure-lsp configuration indeed, note that the configuration could be by project or global in your $home/.config/clojure-lsp/config.edn

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