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Sampo Toiva08:11:25

@nicdaoraf, in this case, I'd do something like add to my .lein/profiles.clj something like:

{:user {:dependencies [postmortem "0.5.0"]
        :injections [(require '[postmortem.core :as pm])]}}
Then, when user profile is loaded, you can invoke functions using pm alias.


Oh thanks, I'll try it out! Didn't know about the :injections key


Damn, really cool library btw! I've definitely wished in the past that I had a tool like that^. I do see a pitfall though, if a local has the same identifier as some namespace var/fn, then the latter would get overridden right?

Sampo Toiva09:11:04

@nicdaoraf yeah, it can be a problem: However, I haven't found it to be a problem in practise and you can take measures to prevent it if needed.


Ah! I missed that. I see. I'll try it out one of these days, thanks