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#babashka 0.6.6 (2021-11-29) Summary changelog: • Resolve program in `babashka.process` on Windows using known extensions. This means you can now invoke `(shell "yarn")` and it will work on both Unix-like systems and Windows. • Add `babashka.core` namespace with `windows?` predicate. • Add `fs/with-temp-dir` to `babashka.fs` ( • Add `fs/home` and `fs/expand-home` to `babashka.fs` ( • Add classes to support running the library from source: • babashka.curl: support `:as :bytes` option to download binary file • Add compatibility with and insecure feature by adding classes • clojure.core/read improvements: support `:eof` + `:read-cond` • Add support `*read-eval*`, `*default-reader-fn*` and `*reader-resolver*` dynamic vars to be used with `clojure.core/read`. • Add `SQLITE` feature flag ( See full changelog here:

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Noah Bogart14:11:49

Thank you for babashka.fs. it’s the best file system library in clojure.

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Lukas Domagala18:11:53

v0.2.2 of added automated deeptracing for clojure and clojurescript

(require '[cyrik.omni-trace :as o])

;; uncomment to also trace clojure.core, tested with testing-ns only
;; (require '[cyrik.omni-trace.instrument :as i])
;; (reset! i/ns-blacklist [])
(o/run-traced 'cyrik.omni-trace.testing-ns/run-machine)

;; run this for cljs
;; (o/run-traced-cljs 'cyrik.omni-trace.testing-ns/run-machine)
(tap> (o/rooted-flamegraph 'cyrik.omni-trace.testing-ns/run-machine))
next will either be better portal or better editor integration, wish me luck

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Daniel Slutsky21:11:59

Notespace, a tool for seeing your namespace in a notebook, is gradually maturing in its current form, the so-called Notespace v4 (alpha). This short video overviews its current main ideas and features: Many thanks to the friends at Scicloj for testing it and brainstorming about it.

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Lukas Domagala10:11:55

@U066L8B18 looks great. I’d love to hear a little more on the differences to tools in the same space, especially clerk. the other thing I’m interested in is how notebook allows new views to be defined that have user-space defined interactions, but I guess that should happen in a different thread.

Daniel Slutsky10:11:54

Thanks, @U02EMBDU2JU, good questions. One good place to discuss it is the notespace topic thread at the data-science Zulip stream: We are planning to have a session about these topics at the coming Clojure Data Science day.