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I tapped out at 34 stars on 2020


It started to consume way to much of my time at day 15 or something for me. I think I will not engage as much this year around. It would be good for my skills, but I don’t think I can afford spending as much time as I did last year.

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i restrict myself to ~1h every morning over coffee, 2h on the weekends. Do the rest over the year if I want to learn something specific.


I'll probably do the early ones by restricting myself to only using transducers as much as possible just to get used to them 😅, and then we'll see.

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Noah Bogart14:11:56

i used last year to learn rust and i think that was a mistake, lol. started off pretty fun and quickly became a massive chore and strain. i got 31 stars and never got around to finishing it off

Noah Bogart14:11:08

think i’ll stick with clojure and see if it feels better this time around


I tried rust for a total of 5min last year.

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Huge mistake.


5 minutes - huge 😃

Noah Bogart15:11:10

rust is great but trying to learn it under time pressure was not fun


Meh, I wasn’t going for best time.


It was just super tedious for an exercise I was doing for fun.


for me I think it s too soon to do that sort of things. My feelings says I need to have more xp in thinkimng the clojure way of thinking


If you do something like what @hobosarefriends is planning to do, @roelof, you can use it for unlocking some of that Clojure way thinking.


who knows. but Im not sure I understand what transducers are and how to use them


@danielamber2 did some early vids comparing JS solutions to Clojure ones (not AoC related, just generally). That was very interesting and insightful to me. Maybe he’ll pick up one or two of the AoC challenges this year and do some cool vids about it. 😃

Daniel Amber05:11:06

Yeah this would be rad! I’ll try my hardest to get a video out on this 🙂

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I read on reddit some guy who did that last year and that makes me curious to try to learn clojure again


comparing your solution to others’ in this channel on toy problems is a great way to learn

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