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Hello Calva friends. Version 2.0.226 has been released. The changes are: • Internal: • Fix: • Fix: • Fix: Thank you to everyone who contributed to those changes, whether it was via testing, feedback, code, or any other ways.

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I don't think the parinfer experiment is included? The changelog must have still been messy.

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Marc O'Morain08:11:48

The handling for unknown-op commands might start to surface more errors to users that were silently ignored in the past. The most helpful should be that we now get an error saying “the server couldn't handle the test-all command”

Marc O'Morain08:11:26

The best step there will be to somehow help the user ensure that cider-nrepl middleware is installed.


We should consider checking for cider-nrepl middleware somewhere early in the REPL lifecycle and help the user there. And possibly have a context variable we can check before enabling commands that rely on it.


Btw is there something wrong with the wallpaper of the calva logo is massive


Which wallpaper?


I get this at normal maximisation


Interesting. Never seen it before. Which version of Chrome are you using?




Maybe just a failed resource download? What if you reload it w/o caches?


hmm you might be right - can't quite load the page with incognito


That sound very strange!


If you have cache disabled when the dev tools are showing, that’s one way to load it w/o cache. You can also long-press on the reload button to get options for hard reload.


Nahhhh 😅 just restrictions on my work machine ><


Apparently it is cause there are 3rd party cookies ?


Google analytics is the only thing going on there that involves 3p cookies.


Hmmmm, but regardless I guess it isn't any issue of calva's. Just the many restrictions my company imposes 😅


Hi, locally it can be nice to connect to running servers. I.e nREPL.Cider for Emacs has a cider-known-endpoints where you can define a list of endpoints (setq cider-known-endpoints ’( (“label1” “host1" “port1”) (“label2" “host2” “port2")) that can then easily be used from cider-connect. Does Calva support something like this yet?


Not yet. Please file an issue. Should be easy to add.

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Thanks, will do.

Marc O'Morain15:11:14

Are there any unit tests in Calva? I’m extracting some of the error message generating code in testRunner.ts and I’m hoping to add a test so that I know that the code behaves the same before and after.

Marc O'Morain15:11:31

(I didn’t see any unit tests in the repo)


For the TS code there are two kinds of tests, unit and integration tests (actually there is just one integration test). If the tests require vscode to be imported then the integration tests is what can be used. What I tend to do is factor things so that I can test them w/o vscode. You’ll find both categories in src/extension-test

Marc O'Morain15:11:39

perfect, thanks!


If you do add some integration tests, that would be awesome. It has been there for quite a while, but no-one has bothered with adding any interesting tests. They are run in CI, so it is probably good to have a few such tests.


But that is more FYI and for future efforts.

Marc O'Morain16:11:38

I’ve written my first tests 💪


Who! That’s great!

Marc O'Morain16:11:25

(testing "Peter's emoji continue to work")


If you think there is clearer way to show results, please suggest. 😃

Marc O'Morain17:11:21

I think that some of the data in this messages could become redundant once we wire up the native Test Explorer.


What is the Calva command to indent/format the entire buffer?


It’s a VS Code command: Format Document


cool, I was looking for Calva: format something :)


It’s a common source of confusion. In this particular instance VS Code has the command and Calva provides the mechanics. VS Code does not have a Format Current Form command, though, so that is a Calva command. 😃


Also: If you have the cursor at the top level and issue the Calva: Format Current Form command, the entire buffer will be formatted. ¯\(ツ)


Can you also format on save?


You can enable it, but I think it might be a bit erratic. Iirc VS Code only allows a certain time for it. But I could be wrong.


I always forgot that Format Document command as well 😂


Dart-Code extension (LSP for Dart/Flutter), has format on save feature, and it's something community really likes, even emacs users (lsp-dart)


Format Document?


seems to work


Has anyone gotten the portal vscode plugin working with calva? I’ve got a repl started, but when I run portal/open nothing shows up


@U01EB0V3H39 May also be worth asking in #portal -- I don't know of anyone using nREPL with the Portal extension (I use a Socket REPL) but maybe someone in the Portal channel can help.

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I have it working. Can you describe the steps you take?


@U0ETXRFEW could it be because @U01EB0V3H39 is running the REPL inside a Docker container?


Yes, I imagine that could take some extra setup. Maybe try without that and see if that works?