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Oliver George02:10:55

Wondering if there's a common pattern for an interceptor which stops a handler from being called

Oliver George02:10:37

Looks like you could empty the :queue from the context... something like that perhaps.


@olivergeorge I've never used the technique. But certainly possible as you say.

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An idea - when -deref is called on a sub somewhere where reagent.ratom/reactive? is false, it should issue a descriptive warning, maybe with a link to the relevant documentation entry. What do you think?

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(I'm assuming my understanding of what reagent.ratom/reactive? checks for is correct)

Lucy Wang10:10:49

+1, to ensure the deref of a subscription is always inside a reagent component. There should also be a way to opt out of that.


Find re-frame events and subscriptions easily =>

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