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That would be fantastic. Atom continues to be death by a thousand cuts, but I have a hard time leaving behind the capabilities that chlorine gives me.


Yes, unfortunately. Atom is indeed bleeding, but I still find it one of the most promising editors 😞 Probably Chlorine + Atom will continue to be my first choice and my programming environment, but I'm aware that focus is being shifted to VSCode


But I must say: I don't trust VSCode at all (I'm even using VSCodium to develop Clover, to be honest). There are lots of strange things on the way they package binaries, licensing issues, hidden repositories, and so on. I'll probably not use "VSCode Insiders" also, even considering that their "Notebook API" sounds really promising.

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Great to hear. I recently gave up enough to install VSCodium. For now, I do front end in VSC, Clojure in Atom... and then Xcode. Anyway, you do great things 🍻😄