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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)17:10:56

@jjttjj Do you want to save it as a gist for a longer-lasting record than Clojurians Slack? I'm not too familiar with the WS side of Aleph yet, but I'll want to do something very similar (feed a stream to a WS with start/stop capabilities) in the next couple weeks. If you're not in a hurry, I can give a better review then.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)17:10:31

(Minor typo: alep.http should be aleph.http, I assume)


@kingmob Sure, it's changed considerably since I sent that one, here's what I'm currently working with. Now it just returns a stream on which is put each new connection duplex stream upon being connected. I just changed it a bunch this morning and there might still be a bug or two