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Kira McLean16:10:06

I would just like to toast Rich Hickey this Friday afternoon. 🍻 This language is such a pleasure to work with! Little things I used to dread doing are no big deal now 🙂 Nice end to a nice week, in no small part thanks to clojure being my full-time language now. Thank you!

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Cheers to that! I also want to give a shout out to @U064X3EF3. Deps.edn enables me to publish and use git libs (among many other things it's good at), which gave me joy today.

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Kira McLean16:10:28

Yeah! And of course cheers to all the other folks who contribute/maintain/make possible this (very enjoyable, imho) way of making software.


Congrats on your full time job!

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Kira McLean16:10:58

Including you, btw 😄


I'll second all of that -- I've been developing software professionally since the early '80s and I've never been happier than in my last decade, working with Clojure almost every day! Rich and the team have done an amazing job!


Cheers from me as well! I love the language, it is so much fun using it, and the community is so great as well! I also have the luck of being able to use Clojure at work, even if only partially right now.

Lone Ranger19:10:42

Does anyone know who wrote this? want to give a virtual high five for an awesome looking GAME written in Clojure. (they say it can't be done!)

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it is very cool indeed. the author replied on Hacker News, . See the poster and first comment.

Lone Ranger20:10:52

I meant does anyone know the author. Like do they have a GitHub? Can we sponsor them? etc

Lone Ranger21:10:55


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this reminds me of armadillo run