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Not a Clojure specific event but I co-founded and help organise a software development conference based in the North East of England called Build IT Right on the 12th November. The conference has gone fully virtual this year, for obvious reasons, and I think we have a great lineup of speakers. As well as getting live access to all the talks, buying a ticket will enable you to have access to talks you may have missed after the event as we will be recording them all and providing online access to all attendees once published (probably a day or two after the event). If you are interested in attending use this link to get 20% off the cost of a ticket.

Vincent Cantin05:10:06

Does it includes any Clojure-related content?


@U8MJBRSR5 not specifically as the conference is usually in person and the North East of England has no companies using Clojure and we have to be broad in topics as only 2 ppl in the whole region would be interested in Clojure or even know what it is. Having said that Jiazhens talk may touch on it as USwitch (RV-U) do use Clojure a lot.

Daniel Slutsky16:10:02

Please register for your preferred time slots at the mid-November Clojure Machine Learning study meetings: