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Good Morning!


I just posted a link to get 20% off the tickets for Build IT Right conference on 12th November but as I know most of the ppl who hang out in this channel personally if you want to attend and you DM me I can give you a link for 50% off.

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Ben Hammond11:10:52

Java/Kotlin map function seems on ONLY operate on a single collection's values is there an variant that makes it behave more like Clojure's map ?


Yes. Or at least, I have never seen a general purpose "map n sequences and join them together" function. I personally don't mind it, as the intent is clearer to me that way.

Ben Hammond12:10:42

ah well. having to rewire thought processes is taking a while...


I mean, feel free to write one, but you will probably be surprising anyone who reads your code

Ben Hammond12:10:22

including me in 6 months time

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Ben Hammond11:10:16

(sorry for lowering the tone)


Good morning!