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Alex Miller (Clojure team)05:10:32

FYI, is in maintenance mode right now as I sort through some updates, should be back on tomorrow. sorry for the inconvenience

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:10:48

all fixed up, ask away!

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Hi all, Piped is a new library for processing messages from Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS). It makes use of aws-api and core.async to implement a message processing machine with easy-to-implement hooks for user space code. Feedback and issue reports are certainly welcome as it's quite young. Find it at Main Features: - lightweight (no amazonica!) - graceful shutdown sequence - automatic lease extensions - batches calls to aws for receiving and acking - decent performance (still need to benchmark others though) - supports blocking and non-blocking consumers

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Looks like the core.async aspect is fully internal, I like it!


yep, no need to use core.async as a user! but optionally you can return a channel from a handler with a result of :ack or :nack.. I should document that part 🙂