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Sam Ritchie15:10:18

@borkdude, just a note that SCI is giving me a clojurescript warning when I compile with shadow:

Sam Ritchie15:10:39

I don't see where clojure is getting resolved here...

Sam Ritchie15:10:42

just wanted to let you know


@sritchie09 I can reproduce the problem, thanks for letting me know


@sritchie09 It doesn't seem to affect behavior does it?

Sam Ritchie15:10:20

I don't think so, but maybe it would in advanced compilation mode?


Anyway, I upgraded xterm-sci, an example project which also uses shadow and it seems to work:

Sam Ritchie16:10:28

Okay, excellent, I’m sure it will be fine over here in that case! Thanks for checking @borkdude