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Aaaand good morning!


Good Morning!


(I guess we are Germanic to the core in this little channel)


Already posted this in #events but thought I'd post it here too. Not a Clojure specific event but I co-founded and help organise a software development conference based in the North East of England called Build IT Right on the 12th November. The conference has gone fully virtual this year, for obvious reasons, and I think we have a great lineup of speakers. As well as getting live access to all the talks, buying a ticket will enable you to have access to talks you may have missed after the event as we will be recording them all and providing online access to all attendees once published (probably a day or two after the event). If you are interested in attending use this link to get 20% off the cost of a ticket. Build IT Right is a conference for people interested in IT based in Newcastle Upon Tyne Eventbrite Build IT Right returns in 2020 with another day of engaging and informative content for all software professionals in the North East.


I see that Jason Bell is speaking... but not our one and only there seems to be quite a few out there @jasonbell....


I’m sorry @thomas You can’t always have the good things in life. 🙂


Conf schedule looks interesting.


@thomas if it had been our Jason he would of course have been billed as "Jade"! Although I've worked with the other Jason and he's well worth listening if you want a good perspective on UR especially for API backend development.

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FWIW I am partial to curry



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Oh I forgot to mention a couple of the talks in BITRConf are by people from RV-U (USwitch) who heavily use Clojure (altho the talks are not specifically focused on Clojure).


@borkdude I think I'm actually using eduction correctly today (I have it tied to some input and I'm passing it to other eductions in the last position or into an into or transduce in the last position


feels like a trade off between cpu and memory (given that things are being executed more than once, but are reasonably large)


of course now that I use it I'm pretty sure I should be using sequence as the data fits easily into memory 😉