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i have this faint memory (maybe was just dreaming about it?!) that there was some talk/plans already to integrate kaocha with cider? can anyone point me to a blog post, github issue or the like? (funnily ties into @akiel question 😉 )


@benedek I'm not sure there's already an issue for this, feel free to create one. It's not high on my list of priorities, but I'm happy to work on it if there's a corporate sponsor.


this is the model I will be using going forward for Lambda Island open source projects: companies that are interested in having specific features or improvements can sponsor these, either fixed price or by the hour. For instance Nextjournal is sponsoring several improvements to kaocha-cljs.


I'm also happy to provide mentorship and do remote pairing with people that want to make significant contributions to any of these projects.


I'll be setting up a Lambda Island Open Source page soon so this policy is clearly explained somewhere, it'll also have the option for individuals to make donations, which are used towards improving these projects.


@plexus thanks for clarifying. I am more like thinking looking into it myself — just thinking about it for now tho. and obv. want to avoid stepping on anybodies toes. that said the problem I think I really want to tackle is the lack of cljs test runner support in cider. but in a broader picture I think the test running experience could be improved a lot in cider too. and just thinking about these kaocha popped into my mind


I explained in #cider some time back my approach with registers, which I find is a pretty ok workflow for me. (I should probably put that in a blog post or something). The main thing it lacks I think compared to cider-test is that you don't get the highlights of failing assertions in your buffers.


ha sorry what i meant was that first thing I would look into perhaps is to do a cider integration for kaocha so have a better test runner in cider in general and also win cljs test running support — may be overlooking several problems here