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Hey guys. I think we may have ran into a bug but trying to confirm. We are trying to use the streams/kstreams api to setup a stream on multiple input topics. However when doing this it does not seem to be losing the serializer that is defined with this topic. I think I have tracked it to this code but I am not sure

    [_ topic-configs]
     (let [topic-names (clojure.core/map :topic-name topic-configs)]
       (.stream streams-builder
                ^Collection topic-names)))


if this is the code being used its just setting the name but doing nothing with the serializer


Actually maybe this is an issue with kafka streams in general. Not sure you can consume from multiple topics and these topics each have different formats

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There is a trick though. If you use the byte serde, you can use your own logic to find the appropriate serde for a given topic. Check out the test-machine for code that does this.