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I'm seeing some weird profile behaviour when running tests. Profiles section looks as follows:

  {:dev                [:profiles/dev
   :ci                 [:profiles/ci
   :repl               {:prep-tasks ^:replace ["javac" "compile"]}
   :uberjar            {:aot :all}

   :profiles/base-test {:dependencies [[eftest "0.5.7"]]}
   :profiles/dev       {:resource-paths ["profiles/dev/resources"]}
   :profiles/ci        {:resource-paths ["profiles/dev/resources"]}}
Note that the two modified resource paths are the same on purpose. Yet when I do lein with-profile ci eftest :service the tests work correctly, but when run either as lein eftest :service (relying on the :default profile merging in :dev) or as lein with-profile dev eftest :service, the tests fail since they are trying to read a config file from the resources directory. Can someone spot what I am missing?