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Mario C.16:04:47

Spacemacs keeps hanging and uses 100% CPU anytime I open a cljs file and do /swa. Without fail


what’s your search tool? ag, grep, rg?

Mario C.16:04:05

I believe its helm

Mario C.16:04:50

If I do a SPC / it shows its using helm-ag


what’s your dotspacemacs-search-tools is set to?

Mario C.16:04:02

ag, pt, ack and grep


maybe try installing rg and make it the first thing in the list, not sure if that fixes it for you

Mario C.16:04:22

Ill try that but I never had issues with this before


rg is also (presumably) faster than ag

Mario C.16:04:38

it stopped happening... but I did that 3 times back to back and it froze. But this time i searched a different buffer first before I tried the buffer that would break it.

Mario C.16:04:42

Still happens though

Mario C.16:04:41

I guess I can't search for swap!