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Daniel Hines02:04:57

Christopher Smalls has pointed out a particular "impedance match" between Vega/Vega Lite and Clojure for graphics, particularly graphics with user interactions. His Oz library capitalizes/maximizes this - probably worth checking out as an alternative to D3


I recently used it, it's easy to use, and the defaults look great.


That’s the one I was looking at, but since it didn’t have a tree-diagram specific example I wasn’t sure whether to continue down that path. Thanks!


nevermind, Vega does have an example.


We’re launching a new feature on our platform! Our Open Source Issues, is a new way of contributing to open-source projects, improving your experience and learning new skills. You can contribute and in some cases get paid to work on open source issues posted by companies on our platform. As a dev, you’ll learn new skills, work on real projects and get a chance to experience some of the challenges companies you are interested in are tackling. We’re currently testing the feature and inviting developers interested to contribute and feedback. You can find out how it all works here and submit a PR -


isn't that companies directly getting free labor? for exposure?


You're "contributing to a MIT licensed library that only one or two companies really benefit from open source!"


Yeah I don't agree with the necessity of a BDFL (#5) myself, but the points about the economics of open source seem pretty obviously true to me, which is why I felt they were germane to the thread.


We are going to be adding paid contributions to the work later this week, so you will get paid for contributing to these projects. Our ultimate goal is to help connect engineers and companies who may not otherwise be introduced to each other.


Some early feedback: the "form" when trying to sign up is assuming that you're looking for work. I was under the impression that it was just for finding open source issues to hack on, so not sure what to answer here.


^ was meant to @U5DFD9LLB. Also, the "Bot" seems to think this question is with clojure code, it's obviously not 🙂


maybe the answer was supposed to be java.lang.Long cannot be cast to clojure.lang.IFn as I tried to answer 4 twice, then it skipped the question fully


@UEJ5FMR6K, very good point on the sign up process. Right now you need an account to see the open source work, and we don't have seperate flows for open source/job huting. This is something we will need to think about! Thanks!


I’m not too familiar with JSDoc: Is there a way to convert Google Closure annotations (e.g. in externs) into a more readable format like JSON or EDN?