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@akiel re: yesterday’s discussion regarding instrument, I have a kaocha plugin here which instruments certain specs:


it also unstruments them, so they aren’t bothering you if you’re not inside a test 😉


@borkdude Thats a good thing and I also saw your plugin for core. I’m more interested instrumenting my own functions. I also like to be able to run the tests inside Cursive. That’s why I still use Clojure test fixtures. I also use instrument in order to weaken certain function specs in my unit tests, because I don’t want to supply “the real things” in unit tests.


yeah, it was just an example that could maybe be helpful, I’m not suggesting you use that plugin


Is there anything allowing me to run tests with Kaocha in Intellij with a shortcut displaying errors inline? Or should I just use watch mode on command line? Is someone using Kaocha and Cursive together?


If you do find a way, I would be interested in knowing. Currently, I run them in watch mode with the notify plugin.