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I just put out lambdaisland/kaocha-cljs {:mvn/version "0.0-32"}

🎉 8

this version and the previous one contain several fixes funded by Nextjournal, kaocha-cljs now correctly ClojureScript async tests, as well as fixtures (and async fixtures)


--capture-output now also works as it should, before the output would disappear and you would have to disable output capturing to see it, now it will show the output if the test fails, same as with regular kaocha (this is for instance js/console.log output)


Finally there's a new *debug* var that you can set to true to see exactly what's going on inside kaocha-cljs. Internally it uses a message queue, where everything coming from the prepl and from the websocket is interleaved as messages. With *debug* on and with output capturing off you see exactly the type and contents of those messages. if for instance kaocha-cljs times out this can give you a good clue of what it's waiting for.


In tests.edn: :bindings {kaocha.type.cljs/*debug* true}