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Jacob Haag17:04:17

Is there a way to format and align a form w/ Cursive?

;; without format
{:fooooooo "barrrr"
 :buzz "bar"}

;; with format
{:fooooooo "barrrr"
 :buzz     "bar"}

Björn Ebbinghaus17:04:53

Code > Reformat Code You do not have to set up anything. I recomend to use something like "Save Actions" to format automatically on save. The commit dialog allows you to format before commiting.

Jacob Haag17:04:15

Interesting, when I would use "Reformat Code" it wouldn't format the maps keys and values, I'll give it a go again


@U994BRXMF For that you need Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Clojure | General | Align map values

🎉 8

Is there a reason I can no longer run more than one REPL? I remember I used to be able to open multiple REPL panes using a single nREPL session.


@kenny You used to be able to run multiple REPL processes. Someone mentioned the other day that there’s an option “Allow parallel run” which you need to check to allow that - I’m not sure if that’s new or not, I don’t remember seeing it previously. Unfortunately Cursive doesn’t seem to persist that flag, so I assume there’s something I need to fix to make that happen.


If you’re talking about spawning new sessions on an existing REPL process, Cursive has never allowed that although I do have a plan to do that soon.


@cfleming I meant the former though I think I described the latter. Where is this "Allow parallel run" option?


Found it - way at the top.


I’m planning to investigate what I need to do to make that persist.