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thanks... that second question. I was able to look at the session and see a fired rule, so that seems workable. The link you sent looks good, it looks like it uses something called "meta" to determine (query or rule), but doesn't seem to work for me.


actually no, this works: (meta (resolve 'has-email))


@ethanc --- is there any examples around activation-group-fn. Maybe the documentation is good enough, but being a clojure newbie, I'm really not understanding what that function should be receiving (a map that always represents rules only? or the metadata?) Also the it's sort sibling is fuzzy to me.


@joel380, This is a test demonstrating the usage of the activation-group-fn: Please note that the manipulation of salience is typically reserved for tuning poor preforming rules. By poor performing, I mean rule scenarios where a pattern can be established where the execution order of rules will drastically impact the time that subsequent rules will take to execute and maintain truth.