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@alexcatalina clj-refactor works okay for me, although I dont use all the features. I just tried cljr-add-project-dependency and it successfully add a library to the project.clj file. My setup is Spacemacs develop - updated a few days ago Leiningen 2.8.3 Java 1.8.0_191 (openjdk)


Yes, got it working, just needed to get the proper java downgrade

eccentric J15:04:01

What’s the best way to edit a file in spacemacs gui from terminal? For instance with atom I can run atom -w <file>


what about emacsclient <file> ?


for what it's worth, i do almost all of my terminaling via m-x shell


so i recommend that

eccentric J20:04:54

Oh interesting, I’ll have to learn that.


If you run Emacs server or have Emacs as a daemon, then emacsclient starts instantly even if no other Emacs frames are open. There are settings in .spacemacs config file to enable server and have it persistent (for develop branch at least)

eccentric J23:04:00

Great thanks!


whenever i customize a variable, i get an extra (custom-set-variables ...) (custom-set-faces ...) at the bottom of my .spacemacs.


and that extra custom-set-variables is both out-of-date, and is the one loaded.