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@mfm I add any customisations as code in the dotspacemacs/user-config section of .spacemacs. This makes it easier for me to control what is being customised and usually just update by evaluating the code. It also makes setup Spacemacs on another machine really quick.


I dont know enough about how customize works in Emacs (perhaps I should)


If you backup your .spacemacs, you could always delete dotspacemacs/emacs-custom-settings from the end of your .spacemacs file. Of course this will loose all your customisations made via customize


Anyone know how to stop leaving Magit buffers open? I use Magit in full screen mode and quit magit using q. However, this seems to leave a lot of magit buffers lying around when I am working on multiple projects. I just deleted 54 magit buffer from my buffer list (using the helm transient state makes that fairly easy). It would be great if the Magit buffers where deleted as soon as I quit magit.


To answer my own question, to kill the magit-status buffer, I can use the prefix argument. So SPC u q in the magit status will kill that buffer.


Now to figure out if there is some way to make killing the buffer that the default behaviour when just pressing q.


i'm using the theming layer to apply theming-modifications to change the default background in my default spacemacs theme (to get a black background in the dark theme) - this works, but theming mods don't seem to be applied until after the theme is first loaded by spacemacs, so i have to cycle through the themes to come back to dark to get the modified background - anyone know how i can cause the theme to reload after theming-modifications have been applied ?


Only a guess, but could you call (spacemacs/update-theme) in your dotspacemacs/user-config This is where my limited elisp shows. If that doesnt work, then maybe wrap it in with-eval-after-load or add-hook but then I guess you would have to specify any major mode - or hope everything is derived from the basic Emacs modes


just that call to (spacemacs/update-theme) immediately after i've configured the theming-modifications alist does the trick @U05254DQM - thanks!


i suppose i should do a PR to change the spacemacs theme - a dark mode with anything other than a black background seems kinda nuts


ah, actually i don't need the theming-modifications layer - there is already support for custom colors in the theme itself -


oh, darn, but that doesn't work for dark/light


Good to know my guess worked 🙂 It took a long while to get used to the Spacemacs dark theme, although I am mostly okay with it. I would be surprised if they accepted a change to the spacemacs dark theme, but no harm in trying 🙂 I still love the cyberpunk theme, although the colours for the status bar need some work. I just started using kaolin-valley-dark theme, which has a nice black background. I just add it to the additional packages in .spacemacs

dotspacemacs-additional-packages '(org-re-reveal
and then just include the specific theme name in the list of default themes
dotspacemacs-themes '(kaolin-valley-dark


You could always clone the spacemacs-dark theme and make a spacemacs-black theme


it's the only change i wanted to make - i love the spacemacs-dark theme otherwise, but having a non-black background reduces contrast and makes everything harder to read - so much so that i couldn't use it with the default background


just tried kaolin-valley-dark - also not a black background. why do theme people do that ?


It looks pretty black to me (maybe not Spinal Tap level of black though). I do have my contrast turned down low though 🙂


If you do SPC T s it list all the themes in helm, then use ctrl-down-arrow to scroll throw a preview of each theme.


kaolin-valley-dark is #211F1D - 12% luminescence - probably quite a long way from black, given the log-response of the eye


but i'm happy with spacemacs-dark with the background set to black 🙂


wheatgrass was the only theme in the helm list which has a real black background by default


any way to redefine the behavior of \b, for use in helm? what i want is to helm-project-do-ag (grep over current project) for the symbol thing and have it not match the-thing or thing-etc. so i want a rule something like, "if i'm in clojure-mode, \b doesn't include -s, and possible other things that are valid characters of symbols, but includes ()[]{}# and the like