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Hi All, Currently hiring for a Head of Engineering (Functional programming) to work for a client of mine in Vienna. They looking to add to their leadership team as they come out of Stealth mode. Currently looking for a leader who has background in functional programming and mobile apps Experience needed: - 5+ Years people management experience - Experienced in functional programming (Clojure, Haskell, Scala, Elixir etc) - Experienced in mobile development (iOS, Android) - Experienced in a start up that has or is scaling up The role will be onsite in Vienna with the possibility of working 1-2 days a week from home. If this is something that interests you please send me a DM simple_smile Thanks Remi


Griffin is still hiring in Infrastructure Engineering. We’re building a modern API-driven bank in London. Think AWS for financial services. We are remote-friendly, hiring in UK, Ireland and anywhere supported by

Adrian Smith17:09:58

Hey do you know anything about the hiring process for this one?


Sure, I’m running it. DM me if you have questions


TCGplayer is hiring a Search Engineer to help build out the Search & Recommendations team. TCGplayer is a fast-growing collectibles e-commerce company. We host the biggest marketplace in the US for products like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and YuGiOh. As we grow, we'll need to expand our capabilities to host billions of inventory items using technologies like Kafka and Elasticsearch as well as ensure that users can always find what they're looking for by utilizing ML and Analytics tools. If you're interested or want to know more go ahead and send me a message.

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