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I have a strange behavior in cider after(most likely after extensive printing/logging) some moment whenever you send a function/ns/region to cider REPL, and switch to repl your cursor by default always placed before sent function/ns/region, so you have to jump to the end of it before you can execute/enter it. It happens pretty regularly but I don't have an exact steps to reproduce it. Did anyone have this issue? As a workaround, I use (cider-quit)(cider-jack-in-clj) but it is a bit annoying


try just C-c C-o for cider-find-and-clear-repl-output


Thanks Dan! Next time I see it, I try cider-find-and-clear-repl-output


yeah usually what happens is that the repl gets a lot of stuff in it and the stuff gets confused.


clearing it resets all that stuff


@dpsutton cider-find-and-clear-repl-output didn't work for me but spacemacs/cider-find-and-clear-repl-buffer solved the issue(at least this time). Thanks again