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I released a small library for generating CSV files of randomized dates. There's heavy use of spec, transducers, and cgrand's beautiful library!

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Thanks @U8MJBRSR5! Apologies for accidentally deleting your reply. Yes, I originally wrote it to test another project I was working on, but decided to extract it into a small exploratory repo.


always great to see cgrand's library in the wild! It should really be de rigueur!


portal 0.5.0: It's a clojure tool to navigate through your data like REBL. The main highlights for this release are: - You can pull values back into your repl from portal via deref or @ - The table viewer now has sticky headers and columns - For more info

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I don't need JavaFX, this is great!

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Eddú Meléndez13:09:58

Hi everyone, couple of months ago I started building a builpack for leiningen and it has been donated to paketo-buildpacks` With just one command the builpack will autodetect is a leining project, provid an jdk, provide lein, provide some adjustment to the jvm and create the image. At the end, you can run it with the docker commands you already know. In order to create an image with java 8 (if version is not specified will be java 11): pack build hello-pedestal --builder paketobuildpacks/builder:base -e 'BP_JVM_VERSION=8.*' You can also change the jdk provider pack build hello-pedestal --builder paketobuildpacks/builder:base --buildpack --buildpack -e 'BP_JVM_VERSION=8.* For java 11, the work around is to start it with --env JAVA_OPTS="-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=104744K" for now.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:09:51

A new prerelease version of clj is now available ( • Reinstate -R, -C, and -Spom from last week's prerelease (but still deprecated) • TDEPS-155 - Some error message improvements for various bad coordinate cases • Feedback to #tools-deps

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