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I’m happy to announce the release of Fulcro 3.2.16. This version adds a new plugin to support completely synchronous operation (sans remotes) which can be used to improve regular application performance, but can also be used to enable trivial full-app testing that has no asynchrony even in js. It also removes some internal debugging logic that was unnecessary and affected dev-time performance. See the new chapter in the book at:

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I’m finally in a position to announce Reseda, a Clojure-y state management library for modern React. It’s based on a light-weight subscription store on top of plain Clojure atoms, and enabling Suspense use even in stable React. See more at, discuss and follow up in #react

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Very cool!

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Very cool indeed, I’m going to remember this for sure!


🚀 Learn Reitit is OPEN for ENROLLMENT 🥳 First videos will be available 21 Sep 2020 🎥 You can signup here — If you bought any PRO coursers before there is an additional discount — check you email!

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Michaël Salihi15:09:04

Great, can't wait @U8A5NMMGD! 🙂 In the meantime, maybe my version of @U04V70XH6's usermanager can be useful for some who want see an example and anticipate the libraries that are used in your video lessons. Worth what it's worth, I put that there:

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as a previous purchaser: if I haven't seen any emails regarding discounts, should I be concerned or just more patient? 🙂


I received an Email about a discount you should have received one