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Yea it was really weird... At first it only failed on our build server, and I thought "eh maybe my colleague updated something" and built it locally. Which worked at first. I remove all jars, classes, and even .cpcache on make clean so that can't be it. I am on the go right now, but I'll send an issue report later today đź‘Ť


@seancorfield Would a PR adding an --omit-source option (like lein's) to depstar be welcome? I'm sort of doing it with the -X option, but would love to have something a little more comprehensive and less regex-copy-pasta-everywhere.


@cap10morgan Is the difficulty here making sure you only omit source in your own project? An AOT'd uberjar is going to contain a few source files from Clojure itself...


See, I wasn’t even aware of that. But it makes sense. :) So yeah, that’s good confirmation of my sneaking suspicion that my regex solution wasn’t quite right.


Another option to consider: do your compile manually and then build the uberjar with just the classes folder on the classpath, not the src folder.


@markbastian No idea what that "*" was for -- it's never been needed


This should have always worked

["-m" "hf.depstar.uberjar"
  "-m" "myproject.main"]


(in :main-opts)


I think my only issue was that the presence of the "" used to work and now made the jar .jar. As long as dropping the * fixes it, I'm good. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't screwing it up. Thanks!


I suspect that "*" was simply ignored before but the argument processing has been cleaned up so you can put the JAR file name after the options if you want.


(technically, you can put the JAR filename anywhere now, but it will likely assume the last non-option argument is the JAR name)


That explains it.


I could enhance that to complain about multiple JAR files I guess.


That would be great, but don't feel obligated. If filing a ticket would help you I'd be happy to. Thanks for the help, and thanks for depstar.


clojure -m hf.depstar.uberjar foo.jar bar.jar 
WARNING: When invoking clojure.main, use -M
Building uber jar: bar.jar
Processing pom.xml for {seancorfield/depstar {:mvn/version "1.1.104"}}
So, yeah, it silently ignores here. I'll add an issue to fix it.


Generally no big deal, but * followed by a thoughtless rm * could certainly ruin someone's afternoon.


I wonder if someone thought --compile took an argument that was a namespace wildcard?


Kind of a corner case since it would require errantly putting * after compile under that assumption.


That was what I thought months back when I was first working with depstar.