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Grigory Shepelev12:09:12

Hello. I asked a question yesterday. My main is:

(defn -main
  [& args]
  (fx/mount-renderer gui/*state gui/renderer))

Grigory Shepelev12:09:24

Guess that's the problem...

Grigory Shepelev12:09:32

Oh. Thanks. I'm a total newbie in devops-related stuff on java/clojure interop. Sorry for the questions that might be trivial


np, it’s a common issue 🙂


unfortunately, this is a javafx issue — not much can be done about it


I’m not usually active in the #beginners channel, I think for cljfx-related questions this channel might be a better place

Grigory Shepelev13:09:11

@vlaaad do I still have to use :uberjar {:aot :all}?


you don’t have to, but for faster startup time it’s a good idea to AOT-compile your clojure

Grigory Shepelev13:09:38

I added :aot :all but its just hangs even with :jvm-opts ["-Dcljfx.skip-javafx-initialization=true"


can you show your project.clj file?


have you added (:gen-class) to your ns definition with -main ?

Grigory Shepelev14:09:53

It was the stuff with platform/exit or something