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yeah I saw that as well I thought it would be cool to have something like this in bb but I think that would be a lot of work to make the signing of the requests work etc btw I played a bit with  and it was super easy to make it work for some basic aws stuff instead 🙂 I decided not to go on as in my case it’s just simpler to do what I need in python directly


The Python approach is super easy. I'd also be interested to see the Go approach to pods, but I've got no experience with go.


We already have one Rust pod, which is also a possibility


maybe @rahul080327 also has ideas about this

Kari Marttila13:09:37

Babashka is now also in Metosin Blog:

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Lone Ranger14:09:18

so is it possible to make an babashka uberscript or babashka uberjar with babashka into a binary like deps.exe?


with an uberscript you already get a shebang, so that should I think work as a standalone thing, but you still need to have babashka installed


the other option is compiling to native yourself with graalvm


I don't know of anything that packages a binary and a file into another binary


There's a tool here which tries to automate compiling with GraalVM:

Lone Ranger14:09:44

fair enough! This is my first exposure to graal although I've heard a ton about it


The #graalvm channel has some good doc links


makejack has a binary target, which it uses to turn itself into a graalvm binary.


it’s build target basically does pom, compile, uberjar and binary. It depends on there being a file in the uberjar to configure the graalvm build.