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Tash Laybourne08:09:29

Hey everyone 😊 I'm recruiting for Clojure Engineers for WeFarm in London! WeFarm have built a peer-to-peer platform for the world's 500 million smallholder farmers who don't have internet access. This enables communication between the farmers, improving global crop production and sharing farming knowledge 🐷 Due to Covid, the role will be remote for the foreseeable future (for obvious reasons...) but WeFarm are happy for you to remain fully-remote post-pandemic if you wish, so open for candidates to be based outside of London (but only in the UK!) Feel free to DM me with any questions, or;utm_medium=Recruiter_Blog&amp;utm_campaign=n.laybourne! 🌱

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TaxBit is looking to hire Clojure/Datomic devs:

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