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I’m thrilled to announce that we’re now open for remote applicants as well!

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That’s excellent! Any restrictions on the location of applicants?


@U69US348Z We’d need to have a few hours of overlap with Stockholm during the workday, other than that there’s no restriction


Good to know — thanks!


Hi all. Kenny here at Compute Software. We're looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer with 3-5 years of Clojure experience and 5-8 years of SaaS application development experience. We are an early stage cloud decisions SaaS startup that helps enterprises run optimally on the cloud. You are ideally an all-around athlete and looking to be a part of a startup. Our backend is all Clojure and frontend is all ClojureScript. Data is all stored in Datomic and InfluxDB. Everything is deployed to AWS using Pulumi. We're based in Mountain View, California and open to someone working remotely in the U.S. Message me on Slack or send an email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. (

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