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Hello everyone! I’m Yunzhou. I’m mostly working on web and mobile technologies and also have some service side experience for the past 10 years. I’ve been interested in Clojure for a few years now but it’s mostly small side projects during my free time. Writing code in Clojure itself gives me joy and trains me to think in a different way. Elevating myself to professional level in Clojure / Clojurescript is a goal for myself in 2022. Nice to meet you all. 🍻

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Ela Nazari15:12:14

Hi everyone, I'm Ela from Iran. I work in I'm not a dev but helping my team with recruiting and marketing. Soon you can find me in events, jobs and of course news-and-articles. Hope you guys accept me here ^_^

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Sky Leite19:12:48

Hey folks. I'm Sky (she/her), a software engineer from Brazil. Clojure newbie, but I came here from @plexus's incredible Youtube series about Minecraft development. Really excited to have a project to use Clojure with :)

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