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Oliver Marks19:12:46

I was going to package up poly for a distro, but its not been acepted because of its alpha status any chance a stable release might be on the horizon ?


I'm curious, given the ease with which you can install poly as a "tool" via the Clojure CLI, or as an alias in the user deps.edn file, what benefit does packaging it for a distro bring?


Also, don't you have to build everything from source for a distro? That's going to include Clojure itself and everything that Polylith depends on?


(`poly` depends on Portal, for example, which has to be built with Node I think?)

Oliver Marks20:12:37

well the main think is just giving some one a command which gets clojure and the whole stack installed, yes it does need building for source sometimes exceptions are aloud

Oliver Marks20:12:52

working in a company I just want to give some one a command apt-get install clojure poly clj-kondo etc and they are good to go with the latest versions and everyone gets updated through the package manager


That gives you version-controlled per-project package management across OSes


it has polylith and clj-kondo packaged already


learning curve is steep though, so it's usually best to stick to the simple one with maybe a version override when you need it